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Analyse and prioritise your most valuable customer interactions
BrandsEye uses a unique blend of AI and human intelligence to filter social media for high risk and urgent customer interactions.

We optimise social customer service, generate new CX insights, manage risk, and improve conduct reporting.

Customer Experience
BrandsEye’s Customer Experience offering is an insights-based solution, helping you to identify areas of friction and opportunity in your customer journey. The solution uses the Purchase, Cancel and Service tags which help identify actionable opportunities for improvement.

Customer Service
BrandsEye’s Customer Service solution helps you to react to opportunities, risks, and service requests in real-time. By prioritising tickets based on their urgency and importance, the solution reduces social noise and improves response rate with an optimised customer care workflow.

Market Conduct
BrandsEye’s Market Conduct solution delivers comprehensive and automated conduct reporting for financial services using social media conversation. The principles of Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) are being enforced in new outcomes-focused market conduct rules, and many of these TCF-related complaints are lodged by customers on social media. To help with compliance, this solution identifies every TCF-related mention contained in your online conversation.

Risk and Reputation
BrandsEye’s Risk and Reputation Management solution is designed to protect against reputational and organisational damage by identifying and alerting you to all potentially damaging social media conversations in real time.

Find and prioritise your most valuable
customer interactions