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BrightXpress is a simplified mobile app development platform for creating enterprise-grade mobile data collection apps in minutes. It comes with its own drag-and-drop app builder and a powerful easy-to-use server product for data integration at the backend.

Our core focus is to reduce the complexity of creating mobile business apps. From front-end mobile app development to backend integration are clicks away for those with minimum or no programming experience for cloud or on-premise deployments.

White labelled (branded) mobile apps can be created for the Android platform in seconds by using our APK tool.

No Programming Experience Required
Create mobile apps in minutes. Absolutely no programming! Just drag and drop forms and configure them.

Advanced Users
For Beginners and Experienced Programmers
Create apps with ease by leveraging the power of BrightXpress and eliminate headaches and increase productivity.


BrightBuilder Mobile Application Designer is all you need to create mobile apps. With its drag-and-drop form designer, no previous programming experience is required to develop powerful mobile data collection apps.


Deploy your cross platform apps to offline capable rich forms engine running on major mobile platforms including Android, iOS and Windows. Take advantage of native hardware capabilities including camera, GPS, signature capture, barcode readers and more.