More than a tool,Buzzmonitor is an innovating solution involving consultancy, diagnosis, and technology, to help you manage your business on Social Media.

Our solutions involve:


Monitor your brand on social media, create custom reports and turn them into real-time dashboards with one click.

Social Analytics

Compare your Facebook, Twitter and Youtube channels’ metrics with the ones from your competition.

Social CRM

Respond and Interact with your consumers on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. Classify and organize your interactions and create reports based on your performance.

Identify Influencers

Find influencers according to your focus and interests. From Snapchat to Youtube users, or Journalists and bloggers, to moms and sports fans. 100 million profiles directly on your Buzzmonitor account.

Social News

Discover the most shared news that are related to your brand and follow more than 900 news pages, journalists, and profiles from especialized magazines, and their readers, along different social media networks.