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What is CaboodleAI?
You want the elevator pitch don’t you? OK, here goes. CaboodleAI is a new must-have software suite for all organisations across any sector that want to generate content for their audience, without the need for employing more staff.

How do you create a news platform without hiring writers?
No writers to create content? How does that work? Well, CaboodleAI aggregates the most relevant news stories for your industry based on our clever AI tool… basically delivering the most up-to-date, but crucially the most relevant stories straight to your readers.

How can you increase traffic to your website all year round?
Isn’t it tragic when you go back to a website and there has been one new story uploaded in the past 2 days. You tend to never return. How about having rolling news 24/7, that the user can tailor to his or her own preferences?

That would be great, wouldn’t it?

A rolling news platform for my industry that then sends out newsletters to my subscribers whenever I want?

With CaboodleAI you can have all of this within hours of signing up with us.

And once you start you will see increases in traffic, which means increased engagement, and increased opportunities to monetise your platform… all without employing more staff.

Did we say that bit already?