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Customer Data Platform (CDP)
Connect instantly with your customers, as if you’re selling face-to-face. Capture, contextualize and activate audience data to deliver personalized experiences customers love.

Do it with the Celebrus CDP in real-time, in every marketing channel and faster than any other solution on the market.


Why now is a good time to look at
customer identity?

Personalize experiences
Create the most comprehensive customer profiles that you can easily persist across every digital channel.

Show your customers you truly understand their needs and can fulfill them in real time.

Activate your data
Reach your customer at every stage of their journey and at every digital touchpoint.

Activate their data from these insights in real-time to make each customer experience more personal and memorable than the last.

Understand intent
Use customer behavior data more easily. From browsing product pages, reading reviews or clicking on ads, every customer interaction offers valuable insight.

With out-of-the-box automated marketing signals, you can instantly stitch together user interactions over time, sessions and across devices to deliver the optimum next best actions.

Be 100% compliant
Respect your customers’ privacy and consent choices. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a first party solution like Celebrus CDP which ensures every customer experience is ethically compliant.

Never again worry about GDPR, CPRA compliance or changes to browser regulations because you get the gold standard of security built-in to the exacting ISO27001 standard.