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Why us:

We have more than 30+ years of expertise in delivering customer-centric strategies that capitalize on existing relationships. The right message, to the right customer, at the right time; adding value with every useful and timely experience.

We Are Different

We have a fresh new approach that provides digital marketing automation as a service. For a flat monthly fee, your digital customer-centric communications managed by a team of experts. That is why selecting OneClick is such an easy decision for financial institutions, CEOs, operations, and inside marketing departments.

All in One Solution

OneClick is a platform with high-security protocol, managed by an expert service team, taking you from click-to-brick, bridging the operations and marketing gap to reach the right people to drive leads and build retention. We’re a turn-key solution, doing everything for you, including curating content, so that you can quickly and easily see results.

Mining Existing Customers
OneClick turn-key digital automation solutions seamlessly build a customer relationship from the welcome, to the anniversary, through cross-selling, surveys, education, promotions, video, and more — all based on data and behaviors to drive leads that connect your customers to you.
Persona & Channel Integration
We design and build an entire multichannel marketplace within a personal customer microsite, all with interconnected curated content from brand sources reflecting the individual customer’s persona.