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The World’s #1 Rated E-Commerce Personalization Platform powers personalization and relevance for 2,500+ stores worldwide to automatically grow sales across site search, product recommendations, emails, social media & ads.
Convert More with Intelligent Search
Deliver the most relevant results to your searchers using keywords, sales data, behavior, and availability with an intelligent search engine built just for e-commerce.Bulletproof searches with built-in synonyms and spell check.

Instantly predicts and displays results within two keystrokes.

Understands natural language just like a real sales clerk.

Increase Basket Size with Smart Recommendations
Automatically show your visitors the products they are most likely to buy with a state-of-the-art personalization engine using artificial intelligence to instantly match products and people.

Correct results from day 1 with pre-built recommendation logics.

Customize to your business needs with filters and rules.

Instantly adapts to new trends and seasonality.

Retain More Customers with Relevant Emails
Send targeted emails with personalized 1:1 product recommendations that increase click-through rates, minimize unsubscribes, and save countless hours.

Relevant recommendations tailored to each recipient.

Automatically remove sold out products with dynamic content.

Universally embed in newsletters, triggered & transactional emails