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Click2Sync is a Softtek company that provides synchronization solutions and is part of the suite of Softtek’s accelerators called DIEGO.

Common Use Cases

Top demanded configurations

ERP + E-commerce

Have a backend system which normally handles accounting and inventory control documents, and make sure all transactions that happen on your e-commerce are tracked on your backoffice

E-commerce + Marketplace(s)

Connect a e-commerce store to one or more marketplaces, grow traction and sales, go complete multichannel and centralize all channel data

Dropship + E-commerce/Marketplace

Connect wholesale supplier catalogs via API, filter and curate niche product catalogs, configure business rules, and deliver great buyer experiences

API Warehouses + Marketplace

Accelerate inhouse integration projects and go to market faster with the API, expand reach of consolidated data to other marketplaces, e-commerce apps, or legacy systems