ClickTale – The power of collaborative intelligence Human & Machine

As the market leader in Experience Analytics we thrive solving complex digital experience challenges.
We combine the power of rich data, machine and crucial human intelligence to deliver better outcomes for you.

Interpret meaning from complex behavior
Maximize investment and gain faster ROI
Operationalize Experience Analytics

Human and machine intelligence
A combination of rich behavioral data, cutting-edge analytical algorithms and 13 years of CX expertise to deliver meaningful insights and improved outcomes.

Enterprise level scalability
A robust architecture that handles large, unpredictable workloads. Ironclad security and privacy policies, befitting the world’s most complex enterprises.

Data rich visualizations
Customer behaviors brought to life through intuitive visualizations to strategically optimize for maximum ROI.

Extensive analytics ecosystem
Deep integrations with over 50 martech & experience vendors that increase the value of your investments.