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Get Real Followers & Engagement
on Social Media, Fast!
Your Intelligent Social Media Assistant

The Smart Way To Grow Your Twitter Brand
Skyrocket your Social Media Metrics & spend less time

More Real Followers
Make your target audience and influencers follow you rapidly
More Engagement
Get more shares, mentions & likes from your real audience
Less Time
Spend less time on Social media management, while your metrics grow

How It Works?
How to increase Twitter followers & engagement

1 Set Up Your Account
2 We Monitor Your Social Media
3 We Identify The Right Growth Hacks
4 We Suggest Your Social Media Tasks
5 Watch Engagement Like Never Before

What Social Media Tasks Do We Suggest?
There are just some of them!

Follow Influencers & Leads
Cloohawk identifies influencers and leads in your areas of interest and prompts you to follow them. These Influencers and leads follow you back increasing your reach many fold.

Unfollow Non Engaging Followers
Cloohawk identifies non engaging members in your network, so that you can unfollow them.

Repost Your Old Posts
Cloohawk identifies you ever green content that has potential to go viral. Repost these and increase your social media engagement by more than 100%.

Post Trending Stories
Cloohawk identifies content that excites your followers. Post them daily and see a spike in your social media reach.

Retweet Relevant Stories
Cloohawk identifies interesting posts from your influencers and leads that you can retweet. Experience increased engagement by retweeting these daily!

Use The Right Hashtags
Cloohawk identifies the right hashtags to be used every day, based on your areas of interest.

Engage Customers of your Competitors
Cloohawk identifies customers of your competitors. Engage with them and convert them to leads

Engage Your Influencers & Leads
Cloohawk identifies conversations of influencers and leads on which you can engage with likes, comments or retweets. Build your twitter community the smart way!

Automate Your Favorite Tasks
Keep Your Audience Engaged on Auto pilot

Speech Balloon
Auto Post Trending Stories
Cloohawk auto tweets trending stories for you.
Auto Tweet
Auto Retweet
Cloohawk is your retweet bot. Cloohawk auto retweets interesting tweets in your areas of interest
Loud Speaker
Auto Repost
Cloohawk reposts your ever green content to make your quality content last.