Target, Engage and Grow Your Instagram Audience

What is Combin Growth
An Instagram marketing tool loaded with powerful features for audience targeting, analysis, management and engagement. Attract new followers and build a loyal community for your account.

What’s included
Growth and Performance Statistics
Advanced Instagram Search
Gender, Language and Audience Size Targeting
Machine Learning User Analysis
Audience Management and Export
Repetitive Actions Automation
Multiple Instagram Accounts Management

Detect Who Doesn’t Follow You Back
Track the list of your Instagram followers and see who doesn’t mutually follow your Instagram account. Select some or all profiles that no longer interested in yours and set a task for unfollowing them in batch. Let the application take care of the unfollowers, freeing you time for engagement of new potential followers.

Check Your Instagram Audience Quality
Spot interaction inefficient and low quality Instagram accounts within your existing and potential audiences. Prevent spending the limited amount of daily actions allowed by Instagram on spam accounts, online stores, celebrities and other accounts that can’t provide qualitative engagement. Filter the irrelevant profiles out and reach out only to real, potentially interested Instagram users.