Compose AI


Compose AI – Inbox zero has never been closer

Compose uses state-of-the-art machine learning to turn bullet points into polished emails

Instant Generation

Write polished and polite emails with the click of a button.

Works Anywhere

Use Compose with any email client, including Gmail, Outlook, or Apple Mail.

Pitch Perfect

Polite? Casual? Passive-aggressive? Choose any tone for your email.

Context Aware

Read bullet-list summaries of conversation chains before you write.

Absolute Control

Easily regenerate specific words, sentences, or even paragraphs.

Learns Your Style

Compose works out of the box, but learns more about your style over time.

Email so easy it feels like magic

Built with by a team of engineers with experience at Amazon, Microsoft Research, and OpenAI

Supercharge your emails

Emails that used to take 30 minutes now take 3. Once you’re off the waitlist, you’ll receive a unique link to our Chrome extension.

Iterate until it’s perfect

Highlight and regenerate specific words, sentences, or paragraphs. If you need to change the tone or just want to see another option, you can regenerate the whole email.

Contextually aware

With Compose, you can seamlessly refer to prior conversations, important data points, or other relevant information.