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Better design starts with better data

Concurra is the world’s most advanced interaction tracker for websites. Automatically record and analyze everything your visitors do with their mouse and keyboard while browsing your website, and then apply what you learn to convert better.

Automatically track everything your users do on your website

Automatically track every mouse movement, click, hover, text selection, pinch zoom, and more. View results in aggregate on beautiful visual heatmaps, or dive into individual session replay to learn more about particular interactions.

Enterprise-grade A/B testing and personalization engine

Turn any page into a real time experiment by instantly creating new variations of it to test out new ideas and see the impact on your conversion rates. Control which users see which variation by demographics, URL parameter, or custom lines to personalize landing pages to the visitor.

Simple integration, works with any website, CMS or host

Concurra is designed to work with modern, responsive websites, and fully supports all hosting providers and content mangaement systems, including WordPress and Joomla. Concurra is the only tool of its kind to work across devices and fully support dynamic website elements, like drop down menus.