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Audience Engagement For Live & Virtual Events

Conferences i/o improves attendee engagement, participation & learning by empowering audiences to interact in real-time during presentations.

A Powerful Audience Engagement Platform
Solutions for Conferences

Our solution improves attendee engagement, learning and satisfaction at thousands of conferences.

Conferences are our bread & butter so we designed the platform to be simple enough for single-track events yet powerful enough for conferences with hundreds of sessions.

Solutions for Continuing Education

Conferences i/o is a powerful tool for continuing education programs because it makes the content more engaging and interactive — which ultimately leads to more effective learning for attendees.

Our platform can also help organizations comply with specific continuing education requirements such as attendance tracking, engagement and evaluation surveys.

Solutions for Hybrid / Webcast Events

Do you webcast or live stream your events? Conferences i/o is a great fit for blended / hybrid events because it bridges the gap between virtual and in-person attendees, creating a seamless engagement experience.

With Conferences i/o all of your attendees can participate together regardless of their physical location.