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D365, CRM Productivity & Security
Dynamics 365 to SharePoint Permissions Replicator

SharePoint Structure Creator

CB Dynamics 365 Seamless Attachment Extractor

D365 Database Sync Solution

We answered the call to integrate Dynamics 365 (CRM) security with SharePoint Permissions.
In fact, our “CB Replicator” solution goes beyond integration and security replication, even covering SharePoint site structure.

If you’re using Dynamics 365, or want to move to Dynamics 365 – our super stable, professional solutions can help any size organization achieve successful deployment.

Synchronizing multiple Outlook accounts on Exchange Server or Office 365 is easy with our product: CB Exchange Server Sync.

Add-on features allow for censoring mailbox items and content leaving the local network.

And a super secure architecture for Exchange environments offers highest-level protection for highest-security requirements.

Office 365, Exchange Synchronization & Security
CB Exchange Server Sync

CB Super Secure Exchange Server

Exchange / Outlook Content Censor

SharePoint Enhancements & Security Solutions
CB SharePoint Exchange Sync

CB Blockchain Seal for SharePoint

With expertise in SharePoint & Exchange Server, we develop our synchronization solution to help users do more in their choice system.

And we’ve even created a solution for SugarCRM users to store their documents in SharePoint.

Yet, replicating the Dynamics 365 security model to SharePoint is the crown jewel
of our SharePoint focused solutions.

A small project defined a big client need: Move documents from Salesforce to SharePoint.
And so a product was born: Document Extractor – Available as SaaS or self-hosted deployment: on-prem, own cloud.

As we expand in the Salesforce ecosystem, we offer custom Database Synchronization with your Salesforce org. Ask us today how we can help you get more from your Salesforce.

API Management for ANY Developer
The super easy concept of the Connect Bridge enables any developer to become an “Integration Hero” within 3 hours. After the training we provide, the developer can integrate with hundreds of applications from different business areas. The developer can come from millions of different applications and exchange data with the most important business software applications. We take care of security, access and even backward and forward compatibility of the versions.

Are you a C#, C++, C or VB developer? Even if you are a Cobol for Windows expert – with us you can connect to hundreds of applications in a fraction of time compared to API driven integration. Best part of the deal: no need to learn APIs anymore – always the same concept with Connect Bridge.


Java and any other computer language can be used to work with Connect Bridge. Just focus on logic – and we take care of the integration. Are you insecure about connecting to Microsoft leading apps etc.? No worries, we let you work with your preferred language, and do all the rest for you. So, connect to Microsoft without touching the APIs.


Automation (IoT)
Are you working in C, C++ and your focus is machines, sensors and devices? Real time development is still art but more often you need to connect to business software. With us – you will see it is a kindergarten task and achieve great outcome with minimal effort. Go for the trial and see the result in hours.


All our products are based on Connect Bridge Platform
Made for developers and makes every developer an integration superhero.
This is a tool for you to easily enter new ecosystems, and keep a full control, unlike when using no-code solutions.

Free trials, free consulting
Easy to install, easy to use

Run on any environment
On-Prem / Cloud / Hybrid