Contentyze – Turn Ideas into Content at Scale

Use Contentyze to automatically create marketing content from raw data using Artificial Intelligence.

Our AI will turn your Data into a Story
Story Templates

Need 10,000 product descriptions for your ecommerce platform? Import your spreadsheet and build a template to generate all texts at once.

AI Writer

Writing a long blogpost and you’re stuck? Input a headline to get a longer text or rewrite a text from other blog by simply providing a link.

Social Media and API

Behind on your social media posts schedule? Generate short summaries from any longer text and post them directly to social media.

Content Automation

Take your business to the next level with our automation tools for writing, monitoring and distributing content across multiple platforms.

Create templates for your narratives

Build your own templates for stories or let our AI do that for you. With templates ready you’ll be able to generate stories just by providing raw data.


Easy to configure

Based on your past stories or totally unique

Working across multiple distribution platforms