Agile Behavioral Insights ONLINE
Discover and validate what consumers see, think,
and feel beyond their conscious control on desktop and mobile

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Online tools for getting nonconscious measurements remotely (for quant and qual research):
Online webcam eye tracking for identifying where consumers’ attention goes.
Online emotion measurement for capturing consumers’ emotional statements during the interaction with digital products.
Online implicit tests for uncovering true attitudes and thoughts hidden in the subconscious.
Online solutions for remote usability research. We’ve designed the new product UXReality that completely replaces usability labs with a virtual solution. It allows you to do UX research both on desktop and mobile remotely. You get high-quality session recordings and can literally see through the users’ eyes. The solution includes AI-powered webcam eye tracking, emotion measurement, and surveys.
Free online surveys.Taking into account today’s situation and the importance of saving budgets, we’ve decided to offer our professional software for free. This option is available for both new and existing clients.

One platform.
Multitude of insights.
Start understanding your audience much better with intelligent insights based on nonconscious measurements. In several clicks, you can track consumers’ attention, emotions, and implicit value and get to know your brand perception and marketing communication performance — all at the one platform, all tools work ONLINE. Make better brands, products, ads, apps, and customer and user experience at any stage of development, from testing new concepts to finding actionable truths for strong marketing strategies.

Agile insights.
Fast. Affordable. Efficient.
A deeper understanding of consumers means better predicting their preferences and intention. The survey engine integrated with AI-powered webcam Eye Tracking, Emotion Measurement, Implicit tests (Implicit Priming Test, Reaction Time Test), EEG and Website Behavior Tracking allows you to uncover not only what consumers do but also WHY they do it. This innovative approach will accelerate brand progress, reduce research costs, and make your marketing impactful as never before.