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Cora SEO Software

Cora SEO Software is an expert level SEO Diagnostics tool that measures up to 2040 ranking factors and identifies the strongest ones and tells you exactly how much of each one your page needs!

Cora SEO Software is the only SEO tool on the market that automatically adapts to Google updates. Other cheap knockoffs of our solution measure factors but they are hard coded based on the beliefs of the people who made them. The knockoffs aren’t doing the math. We use math to correlate each factors’ usage with rank position in Google. This gives us valuable clues as to which factors appear to influence rankings the most for your keywords. As a result when Google does an algorithm update and favors the factors differently Cora SEO Software reflects those changes in the very next report you run.

Cora Diff is an additional tool that comes with your Cora SEO Software subscription. If you maintain a history of Cora reports for your most important keywords you can use Cora Diff to compare a report from before a Google update to another report from after a Google update to find clues as to what changed as a result of the update. This gives you vital information as to which factors got stronger and which ones got weaker. This helps you formulate a plan to respond quickly to Google algorithm updates.