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Send a better message.

Use real-time data to deliver personal, relevant, and emotionally intelligent messages

Accelerate time-to-value by activating all of your data

Our technology is built to ingest and activate all of your data, flexibly and frictionlessly. Use your data in real-time to create any message, on any channel, in a single platform.

Improve conversions with personal and relevant messages

A better message will increase clickthrough and conversion rates, maximize average order value or CPM, and increase customer retention.

Compound your marketing ROI by doing more with less

With scalable tools for segmentation, personalization, messaging, and orchestration, Cordial empowers your teams to execute cross-channel strategies in real-time, without additional technical resources.

Build better, faster, stronger, more agile teams

Cordial brings teams together in one platform to win faster. Reduce friction, accelerate time to market, decentralize complex campaign management, and grow customer engagement.

We’re Cordial for a reason

We believe your client experience should be a lot like the customer experience we enable for your brand.