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Keeping you Connected.
CrossCap is a central hub for your Martech Stack.

Marketing Calendar
An adaptable, centralized solution to communicate your marketing plan across your ecosystem

Intelligence for planning, allocating and distributing your marketing

Promo Planning
Define, execute, and analyze your omni-channel promotions

Online Proofing
A clear, concise and contextual way of reviewing and approving your marketing content

CrossCap launched 15 years ago as a SaaS to create new digital tools for marketing, as it was moving from the analog world of film to the new digital domain.
Our digital tools enabled individuals to change the way they they worked and opened multiple new avenues to reach customers. The marketing world is now experiencing a new radical change again.

There is significantly more data available today than ever. Combine this with a substantial increase in computing power. AI can utilize both the vast quantities of data and power to provide intelligent augmentation for individuals to change the way work is done. We see AI working with individuals rather than replacing them. Today, intelligent augmentation will streamline work and offer many new ways to effectively and efficiently do your job.