Custify – Ensure Product Adoption and Reduce Churn

Your signups have already invested time. Make the most of those signups by helping them be successful.

Understand Your Customer Lifecycle

Increase customer satisfaction during onboarding, ensure contract renewals, and turn customers into advocates.

Identify upsell opportunities to expand

Your most successful accounts are likely to expand. Reach out to them to upsell and grow your business.

Turn customers into advocates

Word-of-mouth is the best marketing you can get. And successful customers are the most likely to share their stories.

Proactively manage your customers in real-time

Make communication efficient

Stop spending 90% of your time gathering information from different systems. Supercharge your company by spending that time with your clients instead.

Get actionable tasks

Never wonder who to talk to or when. Automatically created tasks give you an actionable way forward every day.

Focus on what matters

Automate low-touch customer success workflows so you can focus on white-glove tasks.