Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platform


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Introduction to Customer Data Platform

Collect, unify and standardise customer data. Connect all marketing tools to White Rabbit CDP (via API Key) and begin immediately to create highly personalised experiences. Does data fragmentation limit any coherent possibility to create a customer’s life cycle?

Here’s why Customer Data Platform is the most modern and effective solution to integrate data, tools, experiences and results of every marketing campaign.

What is Customer Data Platform?

CDP is a technology that integrates multiple software, creating a unique, persistent and accessible database for other systems.

What are the advantages?

Capitalise on your customers’ data

Create unified Customer Experiences and transform them into marketing actions and strategies. Many companies aim at a complete integration. Exploit the smallest insight offered by data.

A Platform selected by the CDP Institute

Tailor-made analytics
Use all insights from your channels
Omni-channel marketing
Create complete and integrated dashboards
Unify the data of First, Second, and Third Parties.


Single Customer View
Dashboards dedicated to the individual customer
Create targeted communications
Use all contact touch points.