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Your data, from any source,
to any destination
Dataddo allows you to connect all of your data sources
to dashboards and storages, instantly.

Let Dataddo make your job easier

Everything in its place
Monitor all of your incoming data from one management center without having to worry about integration issues.

Lightning-fast deployment
From first login to fully-fleshed-out data pipelines, source to destination, in a matter of minutes.

No maintenance
All changes to APIs managed by us, so you won’t concern yourself with missing data due to broken data pipelines.

No-coding required
Even non-technical users can feel like pros thanks to sophisticated data manipulation features on our streamlined, no-code platform.

Your system works for you, so we work with your system. Dataddo operates with the data warehouse and BI tools you already have.

Fully scalable to grow with your organization’s incoming data load, from small business to established enterprise.

Step 1

Connect Your Data
Dataddo can easily work with data from almost any online or cloud service. Below is a list of services that we have already implemented, though we have created hundreds of custom implementations that include specific services to suit our customers’ needs.

Step 2

Complete your Data Flow
Dataddo supports delivery to wide range cloud data storages such as Google Big Query or AWS Redshift, on-prem data warehouses including MariaDB, PostreSQL or SQL Server, as well as file servers including Amazon S3 or Google Sheets.

Step 3

Start Analyzing
When your data is ready, you can send everything into your favorite reporting platform or a marketing data warehouse.

Stop sorting. Start working.
A straightforward, no-code data integration platform that works for you.
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