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Big Data Solutions for
ANY size business
No matter the size of your business, having access to data is essential.

The key to both acquiring new customers, and retaining your current customers, is possessing the critical data that can help you market effectively.

DBC Solutions aims to eliminate the barriers of access to valuable data and insights for businesses big and small, and to provide integrated software solutions that empowers companies to succeed.

Our Data

Examples of our Data Assets
Our users will have a single-point destination for acquiring, sorting, validating, analyzing and enhancing data.

Finding Data Made Simple
Run Data Count
Run counts target across different data selects geared towards your target demograph.

Buy Data
Purchase data profiles based of preferred selects and targeting.

Analyze & Enhance Data
Upload your customer data to gain valuable profile insights, or to append additional data attributes.

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The Power of Blockchain
SMBs struggle locating the critical data they need to compete effectively in today’s digital marketing environment. Whether it’s finding the right information, the best data sources, or a fair price for the data they need, the playing field is not in favor of SMBs. We are going to change that thru the power of blockchain, creating a marketplace where numerous data providers will participate and SMBs will finally have a place to go to find all the data they need at competitive prices to larger organizations.

Utilizing Blockchain Technology
By leveraging blockchain and Smart Contracts we will provide a transparent and equitable marketplace for data owners. The Smart contracts will be utilized for tracking data owners record usage during each transaction on our platform, and the data owners will have transparent and immutable records of their share of each transaction in which their data was used. It is the historical lack of transparency that has made it difficult to provide multi-sourced data in one location. Allowing data owners to have full clarity into how their data is being used and their rightful payout of the transaction will make it both advantageous and beneficial for data owners to participate on our platform.

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Data Industry Problems
The data industry today is both complicated and highly fragmented, offering a confusing number of choices to businesses desperately in need of this critical information. The existing data marketing ecosystem of data / list owners, managers and brokers is inefficient and often ineffective, costing businesses unnecessary time and money.

The DBC Solution
We provide a robust interface between the users and the data sources. DBC Solutions will create a single- point solution that will eliminate the need for multiple data vendors and layers of list managersand brokers that create inefficiency in the marketplace.

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