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dCMS allows you to easily create web-sites using customisable mobile-ready themes on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC.

Content that looks great on any device

dCMS is fully responsive – easily read and view content on your phone, tablet or computer. All your content will scale automatically to suit whatever device it is viewed on.

Try viewing this page on different devices and you will see what we mean.

Easy to edit your content

Just click on the change content tab, edit the page content, click on web preview and update your site.

It is fast

You can easily add images, videos, maps and PayPal buttons to your page.

Sample pages

Each page illustrates a different Theme.

You can change the appearance of each theme yourself and make it unique and special for you.

Build your web-site sitting on the beach!

Adding to or editing and publishing a page doesn’t take long from your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC, and your site is done.


Simple Ui
Immediate preview
More sophisticated Ui
Side by side Advanced Editor
Powerful Designer containing all CSS controls
Site List for editing page names and sequence
Page List for getting page names quickly
Change the Markdown level of all the paragraphs on a page
dCMS Robot to substitute content on just the page or throughout the whole site
Efficient up to 70k words on a page – tested up to 200k words on a page