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Great customer experience drives loyalty and sales
Decibel scores every online customer experience to expose what’s really happening on your website, and provides the most advanced tools available to understand why.

Seeing how to improve online customer experiences is so quick and easy, it’s almost unfair
No more guesswork. Instantly discover frustration and engagement on your website, and understand exactly where, how, and why to improve experiences for more conversion, loyalty, and sales.

1.Access unrivaled
experience data
Understand the truth about experiences on your website: Decibel’s Digital Experience Score (DXS®) analyzes billions of experiences a month to reveal how customers really feel.

2.Discover optimization
Immediately see where customers are frustrated, engaged, or confused, and quickly understand the impact it has on your bottom line so you can prioritize your analysis.

and improve experiences
Investigate further with session replay, heatmaps, and experience analysis to step into your customer’ shoes, empathize with their experiences, and identify improvements.

4.Push insights to your
martech stack
Enrich your favorite analytics, A/B testing, and VoC tools to inform all your marketing activities with insights about the ‘why’ behind online customer experiences.