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Data-Driven Marketing Campaigns
A platform to leverage the full richness of your data to deliver personalized campaigns and get a return on your investment.

Run email, SMS, web and mobile marketing campaigns in a centralized and fully flexible SaaS solution.

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Global solutions for a
powerful and personalized marketing


A necessary starting point for personalization. Discover tools to better understand your customers and exploit this wealth of information.


A unified platform that allows you to rigorously and easily orchestrate your marketing campaigns.


Continuously enrich your personalized marketing activities with insightful analytics tools to make better decision for right now.


Complement your tactical efforts with well-developed plans upstream to support your medium and long-term objectives.

Customer data
Personalize your marketing actions

The power of your aggregated data is leveraged to the maximum, so your customers enjoy better brand experience everytime.

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Systèmes de gestion de bases de données
Campaign Orchestration
Deploy controlled marketing campaigns

The implementation of personalized campaign is centralized and optimized, so that every communication sent is done exactly the way you want it.

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Marketing Performance
Evaluate the performance of your actions

The measure of your marketing campaigns is up to date and easy, so that you make decision that will impact what you do tomorrow and after.

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Strategic Services
Benefit from our expertise in relationship marketing

The planning of your relationship marketing is aligned with everything tactical, so that your team knows where to go and what to do.

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strategic marketing plan
Our approach
A 100% modular solution
We understand that every company is different, at all levels. That’s why we have developed solutions that adapt to your context.

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