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Online marketing for brands, manufacturers & trade partners
More than 70% of all customers who buy in brick-and-mortar shops start their path to purchase on the web. With Doorboost, you can provide digital advertising campaigns for your retail partners and implement them locally. In this way, the appropriate consumer is reached at the optimal time and measurably guided to the respective next point-of-sale.

Strengthen trading partners
locally through digital advertising measures…
Would you like to support your retailers with digital advertising campaigns? As a leading solution for brands, manufacturers, or associations, Doorboost enables you to provide and implement digital advertising campaigns, landing pages, and email templates for and with your trading partners. Each measure is measured and made centrally available via live reports.

1) Digital advertising campaigns
Via Doorboost, your partners can access digital advertising campaigns, individualize them according to need, and play them out to the right target group across channels in the local market. This way, the right consumer is reached at the optimal time with the ideal offer.

2) Individual landing pages
Participating retailers receive individual homepages that match the campaign’s content to measure and optimize the campaign results. The pages also contain other important content such as current product offers, contact information, opening hours, directions, newsletters, appointment calendars, registration forms, and much more.

3) E-mail automatism
Addressing potential customers in a personalized way conveys closeness and a personal bond. After a person on the landing page has expressed interest in the partner’s offer after clicking on a campaign, an email with valuable, personalized content is automatically sent. The email rounds off your campaign and ensures that your partners position themselves close to the customer and professionally.

In summary: Digital marketing from a single source
Doorboost allows you to implement and measure all digital advertising campaigns of your company and your retailers in one system. You get an overview of all relevant information about your current campaigns. The Doorboost platform can be integrated directly into your existing software environment (e.g. your CRM).

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Usa all platforms via one login
With Doorboost, you can run your campaigns across various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Houzz, and Linkedin – without you or your partners having to create your own advertising account for this. This not only saves time, but also money, as the campaigns can be optimized centrally across all platforms.

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