Dragon Metrics


Dragon Metrics is a complete SEO platform that provides a wide array of digital marketing tools to conduct research, monitor performance, assess results and perform in-depth site audits. Featuring support for all major search engines, a user-friendly interface, in-app translations, and many local SEO-specific features, this is a comprehensive SEO tool designed to cater to the needs of both global and local marketers. The local rank traffic monitoring is helpful for local optimization of web pages. The platform is available in five different subscription plans, with either monthly or yearly payment options. The Starter plan doesn’t provide API access, but all others do.

Stop the Busywork.
Get Results.
Improve Ranking & Automate Reporting with the First Truly Global SEO Platform

Dragon Metrics is a Global SEO Platform designed to meet the needs of international businesses. Used in over 1,000 cities worldwide, this SEO Ranking and Automated Reporting Software features a multilingual user interface, 24/7 customer support, and a long list of innovative solutions to help you increase organic traffic, rank above your competitors, and improve your ROI.
Dragon Metrics features a user-friendly interface that allows you to track local rankings in over 100,000 worldwide locations. It has a SERP feature to help you discover new traffic opportunities, a Mobile-Track feature to improve your ranking on mobile devices, and a competitive analysis feature to ensure you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Stop the Busywork.

Get Results.

Improve Ranking & Automate Reporting with the First Truly Global SEO Platform

Increase organic traffic

Rank above competitors

Automate the reporting process

Get actionable insights and deep analysis

Find and fix site issues

Prove ROI and performance

Rank Tracking

In-depth reports See your data from every angle with dozens of in-depth reports

Mobile Track performance and uncover opportunities on mobile devices

Local Track local rankings from over 100,000 locations worldwide

SERP Feature Opportunities Discover new traffic opportunities with support for over 25+ SERP features

10 search engines in every country and language Built for global SEO. We’ve got you covered worldwide

Competitive Analysis

Automatically discover competitors No more guesswork. Receive weekly alerts of your highest ranking competitors

Learn from their strategies Visibility into competitor keyword targeting, backlinks, content, and more

100% whitelabeled Beautiful, easy-to-create reports with your logo on a custom domain

Complete freedom with simplicity Quickly and easily customize every detail of your reports

Set it and forget it Create recurring reports for all of your sites in minutes

Onsite Analysis

Find and fix SEO issues Automatically identify 50 of the most common SEO issues affecting your site, along with detailed step-by-step guides to fix each one

Leverage your site’s content In-depth content tools make it easy to understand and analyze your site’s content

Analyze your backlinks Unlock the potential of your backlink portfolio, see who’s linking to your site, and measure value of each link

Discover great backlink opportunities Find the most influential sites for building links to your domain