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Publish Documentation Faster

easyDITA is the world’s only DITA CMS with a fully-collaborative XML editor, providing everything you need to create, manage, review, and publish all of your content to any channel, in any language, for any audience.

Easy, Yet Powerful XML Authoring

easyDITA’s topic editor combines full-featured, XML power with a familiar interface. Technical communicators of all backgrounds will love the robust toolset and the modern usability; this combination is perfect for writing and assembling structured, topic-based content.

Intuitive, Streamlined Collaboration

With easyDITA, teams work together, not one at a time. easyDITA is the only XML editor that allows multiple users to edit at the same time, and it’s the first system to prioritize the reviewer’s experience. By offering collaboration and usability, easyDITA cuts review cycles by up to 40%.

Multi-channel Publishing for Diverse Audiences

Easily publish the same content to many locations, with variations for each of your audiences. Content created in easyDITA can support the most advanced publishing requirements and workflows.