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Regulatory reporting
EBI allows you to easily and thouroughly manage the reporting services towards the Bank of Italy and the Revenue Agency.

Consulting & Support
Sefin provides regulatory processes advisory according to your own business model. Our team is always available to support your current processes and to provide consulting services so you can develope new business opportunities.

IT Solutions
Our integrated systems are devoted to Factoring, Leasing, Loans, Non Performing Loans focused companies. Complementary IT solutions for legal archiving, document digitalizing and mailing will help you to increase your company productivity.

You can focus on your Business, we take care of your Compliance

Financial intermediaries

Bank branches

Italian collective managers (Asset management companies – SGR, SICAV SICAF)

Securities Investment firms

Payment Institutions and Electronic Money Istitutions (EMIs)

Master Servicer and Financial Vehicle Corporations (FVCS) engaged in securitization transactions

Credit collection companies


Microcredit operators

Insurance companies

Trust Companies


Gold Trading Professional Operators

Credit brokers

SEFIN is also partner of legal and accounting firms, auditing and consulting companies…

Supervisory reporting
Central Credit Register reporting
Financial statement (IAS -IFRS)
ICAAP report (New Basel II Supervision)
Anti-usury reporting
Anti-Money Laundering reporting
The Revenue Agency reporting
Anti-fraud & Whistleblowing