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Why choose EKM for your business?

Create a successful online shop with our easy to use platform and our UK based ecommerce experts.

Stay ahead of the competition with continuous updates

With our exclusive Evolution Mode you’ll always be one step ahead of the competition. From design, to features and performance, your shop will be continuously improved at no extra cost.

UK based support from our ecommerce experts

We want you to be successful and we’ll help get you there. Our proactive, UK based support team are here to help whenever you need it. Call, email or live chat to get instant assistance.

Everything you need to sell your products online

Access everything you need to build and manage an online shop, including a domain name, secure servers and the ability to take payments using major payment gateways.

The perfect partner for your online business

You’ll receive immediate access to an Account Manager who will contact you, and help you to get started. Ongoing Account Manager support is also available based on your shop plan.