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What makes Brandgility different?
Flexible Templates
From business cards to multi-layout booklets, hundreds of layout options can be offered within each template.

Brand Control
On-brand content is guaranteed with users restricted to just the logos, fonts and colors you make available.
Collaboration within Brandgility
Team Communication

Dynamic Scaling
Click and Drag functionality lets your design flow to any size required, while dynamically maintaining your chosen layout.
Campaign Kitting
Make a change to one item and watch it flow through your entire kit, making campaign creation a breeze.
Smart Logic
Logic makes it easy to have connecting rules on your content, ensuring that when X happens, Z also happens.

From French to Thai to Mandarin, all the world’s languages are supported within Brandgility.

ollaborative Platform
Sharing templates among team members? Intuitive, sharing, controls, and workflow approval make it easy.

Mobile App
An easy-to-use mobile app allows teams to work wherever they are, on or offline. Available for both iOS and Android.

Easy Build Templates
New templates are as easy to build as creating a slide deck, requiring no special tools or technical skills.

An intuitive interface that doesn’t require training and smart search that makes finding what you need a breeze.

DAM/PIM Integration
No matter where an asset or information is stored, it can work seamlessly within the platform.
Creative Cloud Integration
With a set of Adobe CC plugins your artwork can go from InDesign or Illustrator to the Brandgility platform in minutes.