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Automate Your Marketing
User-Friendly Email Marketing, Marketing Automation & Customer Data Platform

Part of LINK Mobility
MarketingPlatform is part of the LINK Mobility Group, a publicly listed Norwegian company. Together we are the biggest supplier of communication services in the Nordics. We employ more than 700 employees across 30 offices in 22 countries and service more than 50.000 customers.

We are a safe choice as your next GDPR compliant supplier.

Get Started – Quick and Easy
Our customer success and support team are ready to help you with everything from data migration to the setting up of templates. If advanced features such as automation flows or integrations are required to be set up, we can help with that too. When everything is set up, we continue with free one-on-one training. Here’s how we make sure you make the most of your efforts.

Creative Marketing Campaigns
Easily build Omnichannel campaigns with our intuitive Drag and Drop Builders

Drag and Drop Email Builder
Campaign Builder is our drag-and-drop editor where you can easily create great looking email campaigns. There is no need to be able to read and understand programming codes. Your newsletters will simply look amazing on any device; PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

SMS Campaigns
Forms and Landing pages
Email campaign builder
Dynamic Content in Marketing Automation
Campaign content based on advanced rules and feeds with articles and products

Tailor Your Automations
With our FlowBuilder, we make it easy, creative, fun and not least productive to build and tailor your marketing automation flows, so that your customers and prospects get the most optimal experiences across all channels. You can set up flows where you respond to whether people have opened your email, clicked on a particular link, have signed up, unsubscribed or where changes have been made to an associated feed. Only the imagination can set the limits.
External Content from Feeds
Dynamic and AI Generated Content
Customer Data Platform
Our built-in Customer Data Platform (CDP) collects all your customer data in one place, so you can easily cross-reference everything from purchase history, lead scoring and visited pages, to BI-enriched data and other transactional data. You can also gather information from CRM, POS and ERP systems, as well as basic data such as date of birth, affiliated store and/or seller.
In other words, a CDP gives you the ability to collect and utilize all the data you have about your customers. For example: to segment and target future campaigns directly towards the most mature buyers.

Graphic illustration of MarketingPlatform’s Customer Data Platform collecting all customer data in one place from multiple sources like ERP, CMS, CRM, and webshop.
Graphic illustration of MarketingPlatform’s feature to reach customers within multiple channels such as email, SMS, App, and social media who can be integrated.
Visibility on All Channels
With MarketingPlatform, you gather all your channels in one place, so you can reach the customer at the right time, on the right platform, with the right message. Emails, SMS, Web, App and Social Media can all be integrated and executed directly in MarketingPlatform.
Should the customer receive an SMS when the workshop is finished with their car, or should inactive customers automatically see your Facebook remarketing campaign?
You decide how and when the customer is to be reached, MarketingPlatform does the rest.

MarketingPlatform can be easily connected to your existing solutions. Among other things, we have integrations with DanDomain, Drupal, Dynamicweb, E-conomics, Joomla, Magento, Microsoft CRM, Navision, PrestaShop, Salesforce, Wannafind, ScanNet, SmartWeb and WordPress.
The integration automatically transfers data between the systems either one-way or two-way.

Logos of MarketingPlatform’s integrations such as Zapier, Salesforce, Magento, Woo and 900+ other integrations.
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