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Email Validation Service
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Powerful email validation api’s

Single email validation
Perfect for verifying email addresses on the go, our single email validation API allows you to quickly and accurately verify an email address on the go. With added parameters, you could determine if the email belongs to a temporarily email provider or if it is role-based and much more.

Webform validation API
Excellent for verifying data entered by your customers or leads into your website forms, our form validation API allows you to validate email data to make sure it belongs to a domain that exists. With added parameters, you could reject bad email addresses.

Bulk email validation API
Ideal for validating bulk mailing lists, our bulk email validation APIs allows you to validate email lists on the go. You can upload number of mailing lists through a single API requests. Once done, you can use our get results API command to grab verified files.

Over 3.2 billion emails validated and counting!

Up to 98% deliverability guarantee
We are highly confident in our email validation system that delivers results with up to 98% deliverability guarantee on all the mailing lists you verify and validate with us. We are accurately able to mark an email as invalid through our innovative 12 stage process.

At each stage, potential problems are identified and marked to ensure only the most valid emails pass through to the end. This allows us to protect your reputation as a sender since you will be only sending to highly engaging subscribers. This keeps your ESPs happy and saves you money since you are not sending to spamtrap, complainers, disposable emails and other such types.

Huge Spam trap & Complainers database
One of the advantages of having your email list cleaned by us is our spam-trap and complainers detection and removal you get from using our email verification tool. Our intelligent spam-trap indicator accurately pinpoints email addresses that are likely to damage your email sending reputation. We also scan your mailing list against a list of complainers we have on record.

Our email verifier’s huge database contains close to 380 million spam-trap records along with 128 million complainers. Avoid getting your marketing emails in the spam box by scanning your mailing list through our email validation tool.

Hundreds of millions of bounces prevented
Millions of companies around the world invest heavily in designing beautiful, optimised landing pages but what stops their success is the number of bounces they receive after sending to what they assumed were valid email addresses. Not only does it lead to poor marketing campaign performance but also bad sender reputation.

Through using our email list cleaning software, we prevented over 800 million bounces. We allow you to verify your mailing lists with ease. Stop sending emails to dead invalid leads and achieve great ROI on your campaigns.

Technologically-advanced list cleaning process
Email deduplication
Email deduplication
Nobody likes receiving two or more copies of your same email in their inboxes. Not only does it turn off your customers but is also a waste of your server resources in sending those multiple copies. There are also dangers of people reporting your copies as spam. We prevent this from happening by removing all the duplicate emails from your mailing list.

Domain validation
Part of our process involves analysing domains from the email addresses. Analysis of these domains tells us a lot about the validity and authenticity of an email address. If the email address belongs to an invalid/expired domain, your email is highly likely to bounce. We help you send quality emails by seeing if their domains are active/inactive/parked.

Spam trap removal
Spamtraps are damaging and it’s an email marketer’s worst nightmare. Sending emails to a spam trap could result in an almost immediate deliverability issues. They are created to catch illegitimate senders from sending spammy content. Through our intelligent spamtrap indicator, we help protect your reputation by eliminating those from your lists.

Complainers check
For your emails to reach the inbox, you must maintain high sending reputation. What damages your reputation is your contacts hitting the ‘Report Spam’ button. Actions like this stops your emails from landing in the inbox. Failure to get into your customer’s inbox results in lost revenue. We can help you eliminate these addresses.

Risk validator
For the pure reason that an email address is valid doesn’t necessarily mean it is safe to send emails to it. High risk emails must be taken seriously as it could affect your reputation as a sender. Our risk validator scans your mailing list across all the emails we deemed to be risky and point them out to you. You can decide to send to less risky contacts.

Syntax checker
One of the pre-processing stage for our email address verifier involves scanning the emails in your list against the RFC protocol. RFC tells us whether an email address is syntactically correct. Without proper syntax, the email would not be valid. We detect all email addresses containing incorrect syntax, so you only send to legitimate emails.

MTA validation
Mail transfer agent (MTA) is what’s responsible for handling your emails from one place to another. Without a valid MTA, there is no way an email transaction could take place. Our email list cleaning software performs MTA validation where it makes sure the domain has proper MX records. We eliminate all the domains that fail our test and mark them down.

EV score
EV score is our proprietary email quality scoring system where our intelligent bot scans each email address for various variables and assign a number between 0 and 1. An email that doesn’t belong to a person, for example, is given the lowest score. We help you determine the quality of an email address so you can make informed decisions.