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A Truly Transparent, Truly Independent Demand Side Platform
Programmatic advertising at the forefront.

An independent platform with low fees.

A/B-testing of Ad Creatives.

Easy to use.

Making marketing teams popular.
A/B-testing of Ad Creatives

What ad creatives you use has a massive impact on the effect and results of your advertising campaign. Even after a successful creative process, there are often multiple options or ideas that can be used for text, imagery and other elements in the ad. Now you can run real-time A/B-tests to know for sure which performs best.

Clever Code

Our technology not only gets results for short-term campaigns; it also learns from experience. It obtains valuable strategic insight and customer data, allowing it to enhance its performance and deliver better results over longer-running campaigns.

Pin-point Accuracy

A unique DSP, Demand Side Platform, built in-house, powering programmatic buying for online advertising through hundreds of exchanges and networks across all devices. Both Self-service and Full-service options available.

Fiendishly Simple

Despite the sophisticated technology, we believe programmatic advertising doesn’t need to be complicated. Our expert team can manage entire campaigns, developing bespoke, long-term strategies that include data collection and audience expansion.