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Professional Windows Software Tools for E-Mail Power Users
MailDex® Email Viewer/Indexer/Converter

Solve your email search problems with MailDex. Build lightning fast indexes from email content. Convert email to PDF, CSV and other formats. Perfect for first pass legal discovery. Try it free.

Encryptomatic® OpenPGP for Outlook®

We have made OpenPGP email encryption easy for Microsoft Outlook users. One signed installer package, professionally developed and supported, easy to use, free for personal use.

PDF Postman™ for Outlook®

Our Outlook add-in for sending secure messages to non-technical recipients using the friendly PDF file format. PDF Postman is a good alternative to unworkable encryption schemes.

PST Viewer Pro™

PST Viewer Pro opens email stored as .pst, .ost, .msg, .eml, and .mht files. Search for messages. Bulk print and convert email to .PDF and other formats. Supports PDF/A email archiving standard. Can be used as a command line tool for processing email.

PST Viewer Lite™

PST Viewer Lite is an affordable, high performance email viewer. It opens email .pst, .ost, .msg, .eml, and .mht emails. Search for messages. Individually print and convert email to .PDF and other formats. Try it free!