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Want to increase your sales productivity?

etailinsights just made prospecting that much easier! With our Shopping Cart Analyzer, you’ll be able to view an online retailer’s contact and technology information directly from your browser. It’s an addicting sales tool that can easily be incorporated into your daily sales prospecting process.

With a click of a button, the plugin will generate detailed insights on an online retailer’s industry, current technologies, and executive contacts. The ease of use and ability to have contact information at your fingertips will be a huge asset to sales professionals who need quality information and fast.

You must be a current user to the etailinsights service in order to take advantage of this plugin. Interested in hearing more?

How can I get information on my prospects while browsing their site?

With our Shopping Cart Analyzer, you can view valuable information while viewing an online retailer’s website. Our plugin provides executive contact information, technology platform usage and general company insights such as social media followers, headquarters location and more.