Launch and Test Facebook Ads Faster by using A.I.

What is you ask? A platform that helps you launch entire Facebook Ads faster by generating all the cold targeting for your niche. All you have to do is select your niche, upload your creative or choose from our own database and Voila! Your campaign is now live on the Ads Manager, literally took a few minutes. Wait There’s More…it will also optimize that campaign automatically. THIS is what real Facebook Ads Automation looks like

Battle Tested Campaigns

Our team has created data and full campaigns for all main industries. All you have to do is chose your industry, location and some keywords and our a.i. will create a fully automated Facebook Ads campaign.

Automated Creative

Our a.i. will create both the ad descriptions and generate cherry picked images directly from Shutterstock with no extra fees for your ads. You can also upload your own creatives and ad description if you prefer.

Lookalike Audiences

You can instantly create Full Funnel campaigns based on your custom audiences. In less than a few seconds, our paltform will create all LL percentages for you to be able to test.

Automatic Budget Optimization

The a.i. will launch your campaigns using 1$ a day per audience using Facebook’s CBO (campaign budget optimization). Depending on your budget, EXOD will create audiences at 70% of your budget. Meaning that if you have a daily budget of 10$, it will create 7 different audiences at 1$ a day.

Automated Optimizations

EXOD will automatically optimize your entire campaign depending on your business goal. It will turn off bad performing ad sets and increase the budget of the winners.

Manual Platform

If you prefer to only use the Campaign Launching system to launch full funnel campaigns in seconds, you can turn off the automated optimization and use our easy to use, over simplified rule system.