Facebook measurement

Facebook measurement

Facebook measurement


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Transform your business with smarter measurement.

Facebook measurement unlocks the potential to optimise your ads, understand your audience and grow your business. Start by finding the right tools to answer your most important questions.

If you have ads on a Facebook platform, you have Facebook measurement.

Anyone can get started with Facebook measurement. If you have ads running on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or Audience Network, visit Ads Manager, where you can monitor your campaign performance, view reach and demographics breakdowns and review the cost of your ads over any period of time.

Monitor the reports that are most important for your business.

Get a bird’s-eye view of your entire ad account, or take a closer look at real-time analytics of a single ad. When you’ve determined which performance metrics you care most about, you can save your filters into a preset view, to quickly revisit again later.

Compare results to find your most successful placements.

To create the best advertising strategy, you need to know where your ads perform best and which audiences are most engaged. With Facebook measurement tools, you can see cross-platform and cross-device performance, so you can adjust and optimise your marketing efforts based on real results.