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Double your conversion rate with mobile-first landing pages
Easily turn dull forms into conversational chatbots. Then, craft meaningful post-click experiences to captivate, engage and convert more people who matter to your business.

Old Way
Classic Landing page

Responsive design inherited from Desktop era
Long scroll navigation
Endless forms unsuitable to fill out with little keyboards
Entering same informations again and again
New Way
Mobile experience

Motion headlines & addictive games suited for Mobile devices
Instant Tap navigation with clear funnel & CTAs
Conversational Chatbot with progressive profiling
Persistent Data wallet with Facebook login
And a lot more…
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Trusted by the world’s greatest companies
Craft quality content at scale, no tech skills required
with Fastory Studio
See how incredibly easy it is to build visionary branded experiences for both mobile and desktop, especially tailored to your business goals and identity. Easily craft Mobile-first Landing Pages, Microsites and Vertical Ads in minutes instead of hours.

Drive more leads and conversions
with Fastory mobile-first marketing platform
Fastory lets you craft stunning mobile experiences, combining immersive brand content and lead generation, to delight and better understand your audience at scale.