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Get More Amazon Seller Feedback and Product Reviews.

Automate your requests through Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging or the Request a Review messaging system. Improve your feedback score, rank higher, and sell more!

The First Amazon Feedback Software

Trusted by tens of thousands of Amazon sellers in over 100 countries
and across 16 Amazon marketplaces.

Stop Clicking. Start Automating.

FeedbackFive® allows you to trigger official Amazon rating requests using the same system behind the Request a Review button in Seller Central. This allows you to:

  • Send requests that are 100% compliant with Amazon’s policies
  • Control the exact timing of requests
  • Automatically send requests in the buyer’s preferred language
  • Customize timing by ASIN
  • Exclude certain orders
  • See a 41% increase* in reviews!

Auto-Track Product Reviews

Easily monitor your ASINs and competitor ASINs, starting as low as $0.05 per product you track. Amazon review management available on all FeedbackFive plan levels.

Review, Feedback, and Email Analytics

Gain insights to optimize your campaigns

  • Monitor your Amazon account health
  • Access ASIN-level product review data
  • Analyze your Amazon sales data with ease