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Advertising Platform BidMind by Fiksu
Reach your ideal audience from the comfort of their living room with our programmatic media buying platform
Run Ads with BidMind Programmatic Advertising Platform

Innovative software

Target your audience across all screens with our unique media buying software powered by machine learning.

Premium inventory

Access top tier ad slots, curated PMPs (private marketplaces), and premium publishers.

Top-performing audiences
Connect with customers and create custom audience segments via 1st party and robust 3rd party data, including behavioural, demographics, etc.
Precise targeting

Spread your message with precise targeting through powerful optimization and segmentation, retargeting, and re-engagement tools.

Anti-fraud & Brand Safety

Ensure the safety of your brand and avoid fraud with BidMind in-house solutions and Pixalate, an MRC-certified anti-fraud system.