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Increase your ecommerce revenue by 30% with our Search & Personalization solutions

Help your customers FIND the products they desire ​with Findify’s powerful AI

​Real-Time Personalization
Delivers a unique set of search results analyzing 60+ factors about your customer’s unique browsing and buying behavior leading to greater sales conversion

E-Commerce Site Search
​A multilingual search interface that covers all the basics from spelling error tolerance to autocomplete suggestions and product matches that is also mobile-optimized

Helps your customers discover products specifically catered to them allowing you to also cross-sell and up-sell products to increase your AOV

Smart Collections

​Converts browsers to buying customers through a relevant assortment of your products that capture their interest and unique preference

Analytics & Merchandising tool
Gives you actionable insight about your customer’s behavior enabling you to seize business opportunities you didn’t even think existed