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Subscription analytics for startup founders
FirstOfficer is the modern subscription analytics app for startups in need of simple, affordable, powerful, subscription metrics.

FirstOfficer has every chart a founder needs to run their startup.
Monthly Recurring Revenue
Growth Rate
Lifetime Value
Average Revenue Per User
Churn Rate
So much more!
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and Secure
FirstOfficer is the privacy first choice for founders that care about protecting their customers private information.

Permissions levels that protect customer information
Handle personal details like you handle credit cards
Set an access expiration date

Retention Curves
The most successful subsription businesses are built on retention. FirstOfficer is the only subscription analytics tool to offer you this super power.

Quiclly diagnose your retention drop off points.
Get under the hood of Customer & Dollar retention
Cohort & Segmentation Analysis

Multiple Accounts
Involved in more than one subscription startup? Easily switch between multiple accounts on the fly.

Or setup your subscription portfolio under a single account and stay up to date on the full picture.

Super Accurate. Most Affordable.