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Your campaigns should seem effortless. Even if the math and execution isn’t.

Every marketing situation has a unique set of challenges that can inhibit performance. We dive deep into your digital numbers, so we can develop content and purchase ads that drive more traffic to your campaigns. Then we analyze the numbers again until you reach maxROAS.


Without good data, advertising is nothing but a gamble. We specialize in the collection, organization, and integration of complex digital marketing data points to make marketing measurable. Gone are the days of rolling the dice with marketing budgets and hoping for a positive revenue bump. We can give you an accurate ROAS.


A campaign can’t sell products without a little heart. Our creative services aim to find the right mix of words, messaging, and tone to sell your products via different platforms. And, with our background in analytics, we can use data to inform the continuous optimization of your brand messaging, thus eliminating any of the guesswork that typically comes with creative strategy.

Ad Management

Our advertising strategy centers around two platforms: Google Ads and Facebook. We use these platforms for two simple reasons: they’re effective, and we can prove it.

Google and Facebook command massive audiences, and Flint Analytics possesses the ability to find qualified buyers within those audiences. Further, our in-house conversion tracking expertise allows us to directly associate your advertising costs with revenue generated, giving you the metrics you need to judge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.