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Fresh Relevance is the real-time personalization and optimization platform. We analyze customer data and use it to maximize the customer experience for each individual across email, website & app. By increasing engagement across devices and channels, we help digital marketers and eCommerce professionals drive revenue and customer loyalty.

Built to help you get your job done

Delight your customers and your boss. Show customers relevant product recommendations when they’re most interested and use social proof to increase conversions. Use dynamic content to treat shoppers differently – whether they’re just browsing, one-time buyers or lapsed customers. And send cart abandonment emails that recover more sales than any other platform.

One platform to analyze customer data, personalize and optimize

Our range of digital marketing and eCommerce tools is unrivalled and includes omnichannel personalization, recommendations, triggered emails, dynamic content, social proof widgets, geotargeting, popovers as well as testing and reporting.

Deliver targeted campaigns seamlessly across channels

Deliver impactful, channel-appropriate content based on customer behavior and interactions across email, website, mobile and app.

Seamless integrations with industry-leading platforms

Built to play nicely with your existing martech stack, Fresh Relevance is completely platform agnostic and integrates with your favorite ESPs, eCommerce platforms and more.