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Freshpaint – Modern Data Infrastructure To Fuel Your Growth

Unify and standardize customer data across all your analytics and marketing tools. Freshpaint is the most powerful and flexible way to collect, control, and deliver data.

Integrate Your Tools

Send behavioral data to 100+ tools for analytics, data warehousing, ads, email, and more. All with a single click.

Hybrid Data Collection

Modernize your analytics implementation and unlock more developer bandwidth. Autotrack automatically instruments your site. Precision Tracking APIs collect events from any platform.

Unlock Data, Retroactively

Unlock historical data for things you didn’t even think to track. Backfill your historical data into your analytics and marketing platforms for more flexibility than ever before.

Tracking code (as we know it) is dead.
Technology has evolved.

Freshpaint complements your precision tracking with automated instrumentation. Retroactively send customer data to 100+ tools in one click.

Developers: Focus on product

Developers have to implement tracking for analytics and marketing tools, but often aren’t the end users of those tools. Enjoy the flexibility of a platform that enables you to move faster, and spend more time on core product development.

Product & Marketing: Your launchpad for growth

It’s now possible to build and manage data infrastructure without a technical resource. Freshpaint is your launchpad to understand your business, acquire new customers, and engage your existing users.