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Referral Marketing for Growth Marketers

Get Your Customers to Bring You Customers
Referrals are your best channel for dynamic business growth – lowest CPA, highest LTV. Leverage the power of word-of-mouth referrals to scale your business and watch what happens.

Friendbuy’s refer-a-friend programs offer unsurpassed ROI, expanding your reach and transforming customers into loyal and engaged brand advocates.

Built for Growth Marketers
Friendbuy is the only referral platform loved by product teams and marketers alike. With flexible APIs and event-based triggers, your referral campaigns will integrate seamlessly with your optimal user experiences.

Get started fast with our experts
Our best-in-class Customer Success and Onboarding experts think outside-the-box, to get you going with best practices implementation, run high-performing campaigns and referral contests, and keep your business on top of performance analysis.

Access metrics that matter
A robust reporting and analytics suite reveal metrics that matter- identify what works for your referral marketing strategy quickly, and adapt for optimal growth.

Partner with Referral Marketing Experts
We work with billion dollar brands as well as diverse startups. For every manner of defining growth goals, combine our team’s expertise with Friendbuy’s advanced capabilities to accelerate your customer acquisition, optimize your referral and influencer programs, and foster an engaged community of users.