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Full Story – Do you know the truth about your customer’s digital experience?
Solve problems, find answers, and fine-tune your customer experience with FullStory’s easy-to-use digital intelligence platform.

Ease customer struggle. Generate more revenue.
Whether poor product engagement, underperforming landing pages, or broken checkout flows, FullStory reveals when, where, and why your customers experience friction on your website or app, making it easy for everyone across your organization to solve experience-related problems at scale.

Traditional web analytics don’t cut it anymore.
Dashboards leaving you with more questions than answers? With FullStory, you can analyze any digital interaction you want, no event instrumentation required. Then, press play to pivot from quantitative analysis to context-rich qualitative research. It’s the intuitive way you can confidently go from abstract to a-ha!

User details
Event stream
Astronomical scale.
Telescopic precision.
Digital experience is more than bounce rates and KPIs. That’s why FullStory was built to log and navigate billions of events at hyperspeed, helping you find the exact answers you need right when you need them.

Turn everyone into a digital experience changemaker.

Discover how FullStory supercharges your existing workflows with integrations for Intercom, Jira, Zendesk, and more.

See something? Say something to your team by creating a note at an important moment in a session replay.

Get everyone on the same page by sharing sessions in email, Slack, or anywhere.